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Our skilled professionals and versatile equipment are available for all your cleaning needs from single events to annual maintenance, helping you with moving out or any surprising situations.

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The value and safety of a property are maintained with attention to detail

The cleaning of ventilation ducts, windows and building facades is done as a part of a long-term plan or as a separately ordered additional service.

Steam cleaning effectively disinfects humid spaces. A thorough cleaning is always important when moving or renovating. We can also make our customers’ daily life easier by taking care of flag maintenance and snow removal. In addition to corporate and community cleaning, we also specialize in house cleaning. House cleaning is done by our separate Hertta Apunen service.

Hertta Apunen house cleaning

Hertta Apunen offers customers a wide range of options for all types of cleaning, organizing and house work. The professional Hertta staff makes it easier for you to deal with your busy life and daily tasks. Our approach is based on flexible and efficient high-quality house cleaning.

Hertta Apunen is available in following cities:

  • Helsinki
  • Vantaa
  • Espoo
  • Kauniainen

Our house cleaners always respect the customer’s privacy, person and home.

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Move-out cleaning

We make moving out easier for you by taking care of the cleaning according to an agreed timetable and cleaning procedures. With thorough cleaning you can be sure you get your security deposit back. We guarantee the results.

Dishwashing services

We offer professional dishwashing services to restaurants, bakeries, institutional kitchens and others businesses that rely on hand-washed clean dishes as a part of their daily operations.

Flag maintenance

We help housing companies and other properties with all their flag maintenance needs. We will raise the flag on all official flag flying days and wash it.

Post-renovation cleaning

We offer thorough cleaning of construction dust and renovation waste, done by professionals with the right equipment. Fresh breathing air and clean windows right after reconstruction for businesses and individuals.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning effectively cleans and disinfects humid spaces. Using steam makes it possible to clean surfaces using less chemicals than traditional methods.

Window cleaning

We clean windows for homes and businesses also as a separately booked service. The work will be done approximately within one week after the booking. The best time to wash windows is in the springtime, when all the street dust has been swept away.

Ventilation ducts

Clean ventilation keeps everyone healthy and comfortable. The work requires the right tools and skills so the result will meet all expectations.

Snow removal

Large amounts of snow can be a safety risk and cause problems in accessing areas and using facilities. In many places, snow removal can only be done by hand. We only do snow removal as an additional service.

House cleaning

The purpose of house cleaning is to give you and your family a clean house you enjoy coming home to. Our reliable professionals do their work with pride and with great attention to detail.

Our products

Lucart Econatural M-fold hand towel

22,90€ / CASE + vat 24%

Lucart Strong M-fold hand towel

30,94€ / CASE + vat 24%

Careness hand towel C-fold Excellent

38,70€ / CASE + vat 24%

Careness toilet paper Excellent - pack

47,75€ / PACK + vat 24%

Lucart Strong 180 Jumbo Mini toilet paper

32,80€ / PACK + vat 24%

CI Professional Hieno toilet paper pack

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