Cleaning services for production and industrial facilities

In many industries, clean production spaces and a high level of hygiene are fundamental requirements. The right equipment and detergents, as well as a skilled and experienced cleaning team, guarantee that production will continue uninterrupted and without worries.

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Efficient and thorough cleaning guarantees the required level of hygiene

The demanding surfaces in factories and storage areas can present many cleaning challenges. Often the production and product quality require a carefully cleaned environment. The experienced and committed Keradur staff, with top-of-the-line equipment, is ready to face the challenges of demanding production facilities.

Clean break rooms, toilets, kitchens and dining areas are fundamental in making production work more enjoyable. The management and administration premises should also follow the same standard of hygiene to represent the quality of the company and its production. A committed cleaning crew and a well-planned cleaning strategy that covers all your needs guarantee that your employees can concentrate on their work without distractions.

Keradur cleaning professionals:

  • have long experience in their profession
  • know the customer’s premises and needs
  • make a long-term commitment to the customer
  • are skilled with all practices, detergents and equipment
  • are always friendly and cheerful
  • communicate fluently in English
  • are punctual and live a healthy lifestyle

Keradur as a company:

  • founded 1995
  • the cleaning service for demanding business customers
  • permanent Finnish-Filipino staff, no temporary workers
  • 142 employees
  • Tilaajavastuu Reliable Partner member
  • excellent Oiva reports


  • 30+ grocery stores
  • 30+ restaurants and cafés
  • 30+ gyms and sports halls
  • 30+ offices
  • 20+ housing companies
  • 10+ specialty stores
  • 10+ workshops and industrial spaces
  • 10+ warehouses
  • 5+ company headquarters
  • 5+ daycare centres
We’re a long-time Keradur client and have always been satisfied with their work. Keradur deserves special thanks for providing us with extra workers for property maintenance and storage cleaning even at short notice.
- Matti Kumpulainen, Kumera Oy

Quality you can depend on


Cleaning (excl. equipment)
per hour + VAT
Professional cleaner, customer provides products and equipment (15h/week)
Cleaning 4-7 times / week
per hour + VAT
Cleaning services per your needs, Keradur provides equipment and products.
Once a week
per hour + VAT
Weekly cleaning, Keradur provides equipment and products.
Special cleaning
per hour + VAT
The right equipment and professional workers, all provided by Keradur

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We will evaluate each location individually based on the chosen schedule and your cleaning needs. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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