Cleaning services for grocery stores

People want to buy their groceries, as well as other daily needs, in a clean and organized environment.

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A clean store increases sales and attracts customers

Longer opening hours and changing weather conditions can create challenges for supermarkets and stores of all sizes. Small corner stores with their tight spaces and large hypermarkets both need equipment suitable for their specific needs, as well as an efficient team of cleaners.

Keradur cleaning teams are committed to their designated locations. Together with the store owners, they plan the actions necessary to maintain the highest standard of hygiene every day.

Our wide reach and long experience in cleaning grocery stores guarantee that the cleaning schedule suits the requirements and opening hours of your store. We pay attention to the specific needs of different shopping seasons and possible round-the-clock service hours. The staff facilities, storages and other supporting facilities should follow the same standard of hygiene to increase sales and keep the employees happy.

Keradur cleaning professionals:

  • have long experience in their profession
  • know the customer’s premises and needs
  • make a long-term commitment to the customer
  • are skilled with all practices, detergents and equipment
  • are always friendly and cheerful
  • communicate fluently in English
  • are punctual and live a healthy lifestyle

Keradur as a company:

  • founded 1995
  • the cleaning service for demanding business customers
  • permanent Finnish-Filipino staff, no temporary workers
  • 142 employees
  • Tilaajavastuu Reliable Partner member
  • excellent Oiva reports


  • 30+ grocery stores
  • 30+ restaurants and cafés
  • 30+ gyms and sports halls
  • 30+ offices
  • 20+ housing companies
  • 10+ specialty stores
  • 10+ workshops and industrial spaces
  • 10+ warehouses
  • 5+ company headquarters
  • 5+ daycare centres
The Keradur team is always communicative, cheerful and sociable. We’ve received good feedback for our clean facilities from customers and other groups.
- Tapio Totro, Smash Center

Quality you can depend on


6:00 - 18:00
Monday - Saturday
per hour + VAT
18:00 - 23:00
Monday - Saturday
per hour + VAT
23:00 - 6:00
Monday - Saturday
per hour + VAT

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We will evaluate each location individually based on the chosen schedule and your cleaning needs. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.