Home cleaning for all needs

Forget recurring stress related to cleaning. Order a home cleaning and choose the services you need from our extensive selection – you are only paying for the tasks that your permanent cleaner will be performing effectively during agreed hours. We offer our services across all of Uusimaa (for example Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen, Järvenpää) as well as extensively in the Turku and Tampere regions. Contact us for more information. We are always prepared to customize our services according to your needs!

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How we operate

Housing companies

The personal cleaners of your housing company are keeping the homes and the environment clean and pleasant.

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Private house areas

Maintenance services for various needs in the neighborhood around the year.

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Tax credit for household expenses

Save money with the tax credit for household expenses.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I utilize the tax credit for household expenses? What is included in the cleaning? Here you can find the answer to these and other frequently asked questions.

How much does home cleaning cost?

Try for 3 months! (fixed-term contract)
37 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
14,8 € / h
Once a week (at least 2h)
35 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
14 € / h
Every second week
39 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
15,6 € / h
Once a month
45 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
18 € / h

The prices include VAT, cleaning materials and necessary equipment. Cleaning that takes place once a week has a minimum charge of 2 hours. Cleaning 2x per month or more seldom has a minimum charge of 3 hours.

Order home cleaning

Order home cleaning

Let the pros take care of your whole weekly cleaning, or leave the hard/arduous parts like the bathroom or the kitchen to the cleaner and take care of the easier parts yourself. Be in contact with us in order to settle the most convenient cleaning plan for your needs.

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