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Find the persons in charge of your area’s services. They will answer all your questions about available cleaning options. Our sales team will advise new customers and those interested in cleaning services everywhere in Finland.

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Our cleaning services operate near you in the whole Uusimaa region as well as Tampere and Turku. Strong regional presence makes us more efficient. You can always ask your neighbour about their experiences with us. 020 730 1590


Siltavoudintie 23
00640 Helsinki


Ylästöntie 99
01690 Vantaa


02700 Espoo


Suursuonkuja 3
04130 Sipoo


Venuksenkatu 17
11130 Riihimäki


Lokomonkatu 25
33900 Tampere


Viilarinkatu 8
20320 Turku


Uudenmaankatu 15
05800 Hyvinkää


Hämeentie 36
37800 Akaa
Y-tunnus: 2315098-4

Customer service

Anna Sairanen

Sales and Marketing

Mikko Kumpulainen


Jussi Rautavirta


Petri Mesterton

Sales director
040 6649586

Kim Korpela

Project manager
040 5856628

Regional managers and management

Lourdes Dilay

Regional manager
045 232 5860

Anna Sairanen

House cleaning
040 5448976

Mika Jalo

Regional manager
040 570 5646

Romulus Chiciuc

Regional manager
050 560 5634

Pamela Mulingtapang

Regional manager

Norvinn Fajardo

Arden Benasas

Fernando Fajardo

Shiela Aquilar

Henry Forssell

Office and administration

Sanna Rautavirta

Lourdes Dilay

Office manager
045 2325860

Kreshia Pajita

045 1867336

Ana Grace Maranga

040 6883291

House cleaning

Anna Sairanen

Service manager
040 5448976

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We will evaluate each location individually based on the chosen schedule and your cleaning needs. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Our contact persons

    If your matter concerns a new business cleaning, house cleaning, one time cleaning, or billing, contact the correct person directly. Below you will find the person in charge who will help you according to your needs. Contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    New business clients
    Petri Mesterton
    House cleaning
    Mikko Kumpulainen
    One time cleanings
    Kim Korpela
    Sanna Rautavirta

    For other matters call 020 730 1590