Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions. We hope that you contact us in the case that you can’t find the answer to your question. 

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What do you mean by working hour?

A working hour is one worker`s effort during an hour. If for instance your apartment is cleaned by two cleaners for 2,5h, it will mean a total of 5 working hours

How is the price affected if there are several cleaners doing the job?

The cleaning is debited on the basis of working hours. The cost of each hour depends on the number of cleaners. If for example two cleaners work for 2 hours each, it will mean a total of 4 hours. 

Can I stay at home during the cleaning?

The cleaning can be performed while you are at home, as long as you are not disturbed.

Can I be absent during the cleaning?

The cleaning can be done while you are away, provided that you’ve done a key contract or that you will be letting the cleaner into your home. 

Should I prepare myself in some way?

You do not have to do any special preparations. However it is possible that the janitor will need more hours for the cleanup if you have ordered a one-time cleaning and your apartment is very untidy or in need of re-arrangement. 

Are my pets a problem?

Pets are not a problem. We do however appreciate it if you inform us about pets ahead of time so that we know to prepare. 

What is included in the cleaning?

A list of what is included in the cleaning can be found here: SERVICES HOME CLEANING. Services can always be added according to the need. 

When do we agree on what my cleaning will consist of?

The contents of the cleaning can either be calibrated ahead of time or by speaking with the cleaner when she/he has arrived. We kindly ask you to be in contact ahead of time if you have a need for pressure washing or other special equipment. 

How can I utilize the tax credit for household expenses? 

The tax credit for household expenses is 60%, up to 3500 euros in 2022. The tax credit has a deductible of €100. We deliver a summary of your bought services in February every year, so that can easily declare bought services. 

Can I cancel an agreed cleaning?

You can move or cancel services as long as you do it by the latest at 3pm the previous day. It’s best to discuss straight with your own janitor as soon as you are aware of the need to move or cancel the cleaning. 

Can I include window cleaning with the home cleaning?

Window cleaning can always be included. You can tell your cleaner about your wish, or you may be in contact with us to order a window cleaning. 

Do you clean on mid-week public holidays?

We do not clean on public holidays. You can order a replacement cleaning straight from your own cleaner or you can be in contact with us. 

Does the price of the cleaning depend on day and time?

The cleaning is priced the same regardless of time of the day (night addition is added between 11pm-6am). Saturday is counted as a weekday and Sunday`s rate is doubled. 

How much does home cleaning cost?

Try for 3 months! (fixed-term contract)
37 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
14,8 € / h
Once a week (at least 2h)
35 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
14 € / h
Every second week
39 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
15,6 € / h
Once a month
45 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
18 € / h

The prices include VAT, cleaning materials and necessary equipment. Cleaning that takes place once a week has a minimum charge of 2 hours. Cleaning 2x per month or more seldom has a minimum charge of 3 hours.

Order home cleaning

Order home cleaning

Let the pros take care of your whole weekly cleaning, or leave the hard/arduous parts like the bathroom or the kitchen to the cleaner and take care of the easier parts yourself. Be in contact with us in order to settle the most convenient cleaning plan for your needs.

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