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Keradur Kotisiivous is ready to help with home order arrangements like moving of furniture and other objects, as well as clean-up of spaces and items. 

Price list

The service that takes care of messy and untidy cabinets

We offer our professional knowledge for arranging and cleaning up different kinds of facilities:
  • apartments
  • yard buildings
  • storehouses
  • garages
  • cabinets
  • other home spaces

Keradur Kotisiivous serves with uttermost respect for the client’s private life, integrity and home. 


How much does home cleaning cost?

Try for 3 months! (fixed-term contract)
37 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
14,8 € / h
Once a week (at least 2h)
35 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
14 € / h
Every second week
39 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
15,6 € / h
Once a month
45 € / h
After -60% tax credit for household expenses
18 € / h

The prices include VAT, cleaning materials and necessary equipment. Cleaning that takes place once a week has a minimum charge of 2 hours. Cleaning 2x per month or more seldom has a minimum charge of 3 hours.

Order home cleaning

Order home cleaning

Let the pros take care of your whole weekly cleaning, or leave the hard/arduous parts like the bathroom or the kitchen to the cleaner and take care of the easier parts yourself. Be in contact with us in order to settle the most convenient cleaning plan for your needs.

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