Window washing

The washing of windows is an area, which presents special challenges, and is therefore an area, which often requires professional help. Our professional team has several years of experience in the field of cleaning windows in demanding conditions and sites. Our area of work covers the Helsinki area, including neighboring areas, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

We like to schedule the washing of windows in the spring and summer time, as the weather conditions then are most suitable for this demanding task.

We wish to receive the washing of windows orders in advance, as this enables us to schedule the washing in ways, which suit both us and the clients.

The washing of windows is one of the most popular services asked from us in the spring-time. Due to our professional and well-equipped personnel, we are able to offer high-performance services in this demanding area. It is also possible to include the washing of windows in contracts for household and office-cleaning.

The help in this demanding area will enable you to free yourself for other tasks, as it is often physically demanding and time-consuming work, especially for people with children. The clean windows will also have a beneficial influence on the quality of indoors air, together with the general atmosphere of your home and office.


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Service area:

-Helsinki - Espoo -
Vantaa - Kauniainen

-Tuusula - Kerava -
Järvenpää - Sipoo

-Vihti - Kirkkonummi -
Nurmijärvi - Hyvinkää -