Basic Wash and waxing of floors

Keradur offers the Basic Wash service, which includes a thorough washing of the locale, which is usually done once a year or in the beginning of a regular weekly-based cleaning contract. Basic Wash covers a thorough cleaning and washing of the locale, including the cleaning of stove, and washing the back and under of it as well, cleaning of fridge, wiping the cupboards and shelves and also the washing of windows.

Basic washing is a demanding service, which is done usually once a year before staring the regular weekly cleaning regime, or once a year in contract-client sites. Our professional personnel will ensure a satisfactory result for all parties and will be done using professional cleaning equipment. The waxing of floors and washing of windows will also add to the glowing result of the cleaning service!

Our Basic Wash includes:

  • Wiping of dust
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning of kitchen
  • Hoovering the floors
  • Waxing
  • Washing of windows


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Service area:

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Vantaa - Kauniainen

-Tuusula - Kerava -
Järvenpää - Sipoo

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