Renovation Cleaning-Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen

After a renovation the apartment is usually filled with a very fine dust that penetrates all surfaces including cupboards. Even after a good vacuuming you may still notice the dust. For a proper cleaning theapartment must be totally empty of all renovation equipment and allsurfaces cleaned thoroughly. Renovation cleaning requires the use ofbreathing masks as well as special clothing.

The fine dust also sets special requirements for the vacuum cleaner. An ordinary household vacuum can not handle the strain. Therefore thevacuum cleaner must be a robust professional type.

Renovation cleaning also requires window cleaning and cupboards.The time used in a renovation cleaning is normally 7,5-10 m2 / hour. Thus for instance an apartment of 100 m2 a professional cleaning will take 15-20 hours of work. Please note that the apartment must to totally empty for cleaning. Any renovation equipment, protective covers, etc. must be remowed prior to cleaning.


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