Home Cleaning - Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen

Our household cleaning services make your return from work an enjoyable experience, as the clean home will welcome you to rest and relax! Keradur offers household cleaning services in the areas of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Our home cleaning services offers you a possibility to use your valuable free time for other things aside from mopping floors! Our reliable and professional cleaning staff will take care of the cleaning of private households according to agreed timetables. We will always strive to arrange the working shifts so, that the same, familiar person will take care of your homes cleaning.

Our clientele consists of homes varying from bachelors flats to private family houses.

Note, that it is possible to deduct from taxation the costs for household cleaning up to 50 %!

For additional information on household deductions see www.vero.fi or see the relevant information given lower on this page.

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Price After Tax Deduction
One time cleaning 45,00 € /h 22,50 € / h
Contract Cleaning
2 x month 39,00 € /h

19,50 € / h

Weekly 36,00 € / h 18,00 € / h
All prices include vat. 24 %.

The prices include VAT 24%. We hold the right to make changes in prices. Home-cleaning will be done using our own equipment and detergents, or the cleaning equipment of the household. The prices are given in relation to working hours per person. Usually the first cleaning time takes 1.5 times more time compared with the regular follow-ups



Service area:

-Helsinki - Espoo -
Vantaa - Kauniainen

-Tuusula - Kerava -
Järvenpää - Sipoo

-Vihti - Kirkkonummi -
Nurmijärvi - Hyvinkää -



Keradur home-cleaning

You are able to deduct 60% from VAT included work-expences, in case the work has been bought from a company being registered for normal taxation in payment register, and functioning in the fields covered by income taxation. It is also possible to deduct this same 60% from cleaning services for civil organizations and communities, such as sports-clubs and youth-clubs, in case the work is related to normal cleaning and care-taking tasks.

In case the household has hired a person through an employment contract, it is possible to deduct 30% of the salary including the additional costs of salary.

The share of the person receiving salary of the pensions or unemployment insurance doesn’t come under deductions. Costs of additional items and traveling expenses included in the household cleaning bill are also not covered by the deductions. Also the machinery used in work is not deductible from VAT.

Maximim amount of taxation

The maximum amount for deduction per person since year 2007 for a household, caring and care-taking work is 2300E per person. Maintenance and basic renovation of household or recreational homes, the maximum amount for deduction is 1150E. If the tax-payer wants to deduct both of these categories of expenses, then the maximum deduction sum is 2300E. This 2300E can include expenses related to maintenance and basic reparations of house up to 1150E. The limit of deductible is 100E. This deduction is personal. Keradur household cleaning will serve in the area of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.