Cleaning patrol

Our cleaning team is available for short-term notice, such as 1-2 days for single cleaning jobs, such as in relation to moving house. But in this case, due to the impossibility of exactly determining the amount of work in the site, we use hourly based charges for our services. An agreement is made with client on the estimated time for the work. This can be later changed if necessary to cover the actual working hours done.

Our cleaning team will provide all the necessary basic cleaning materials and equipment for cleaning. Please inform us, in case the site has special requirements, as a high ceiling etc.


Service area:

-Helsinki - Espoo -
Vantaa - Kauniainen

-Tuusula - Kerava -
Järvenpää - Sipoo

-Vihti - Kirkkonummi -
Nurmijärvi - Hyvinkää -